Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Why Buy Toy Building Blocks for Girls?

One of the really nice toys that my kids ever had is their building blocks set. It is one type of toy that does not just provide hours of fun play, but it also benefits the child's personal development.

The set of toy building blocks we have at home was a gift to my little boys when they joined a party hosted by the company my husband worked in. That was 12 years ago already and it is good that the building blocks set is still more or less complete after all my five children, together with their friends, have enjoyed playing with it. My two girls still like playing with it every now and then.

Toy building blocks are available in all manner of sizes and shapes. There are cubes, rectangles, triangles, circles and other irregular shapes, such as flowers and leaves. Some are made of wood, plastic and cloth. These very simple and usually affordable toy blocks can be bought in primary colors. Some have inscriptions of numbers or letters on them, while others have interlocking tabs or magnetic pieces.

Looking for toy building blocks for girls? How about these?

These durable and versatile toys can give many years of enjoyment and fun. They're also crucial for the development of your child in several areas. What are the benefits that your little girls or boys get when they play with toy building blocks

What a Pediatrician thinks about toy blocks

Enhance the Child's Creativity and Originality

A few toy block sets include instructions on how to build a specified design or figure, so the kids get a head start with the designs. However, when kids start to imagine and then create their own particular masterpieces, their creativity is enhanced. Toy building blocks of multiple shapes, dimensions and materials inspire your child to think and work artistically.

The building blocks that my kids have do not include instructions. We, the parents, needed to guide them initially as to what designs to make. But later on, when the kids got the hang of it, they made their own designs - castles, pyramids, robots, chair, horse, scooter, etc. I remember my boys even made handguns and machine guns out of the blocks and they played shooting games with their friends.

Develop Essential Social Skills

Children at the daycare, on the playground or at home generally make use of toy building blocks for play. But did you know that they are great social tools as well?

By playing with other children, our son or daughter learns precious social skills, such as sharing, cooperation, waiting for one's turn and giving. Teaming up with other kids and jointly constructing toy blocks into something creative help them to effectively acquire social skills that they will be utilizing for the rest of their lives.

Recognize Shape, Number and Color

At a really early age, parents can use basic one color toy blocks to train the child to identify geometric shapes, primary colors and numbers. The sooner that the child can achieve these, the better.

Learning how to sort blocks according to common characteristics improves your child's overall mental and problem solving abilities. And when you teach your youngster the names of colors, numbers and shapes as they correspond with specific toy blocks, powerful communication capabilities are established.

Understand Math and Science at an Early Age

Toy blocks, whether or not they include numbers on them, may be used to teach basic math. I remember my son used to play with a Winnie the Pooh blocks. We count the blocks as he stacks them up, then he topples them down and laughs.

Addition and subtraction can be explained making use of any kind of toy block, and your kid's perception of scientific concepts grows also. By means of repeated play and observation, your child discovers the effects of gravity on materials. The child also learns about structure and balance, as well as the positive or negative relationship that happens when piling up blocks of various sizes and shapes.

Boost Self-esteem and Pride

A lot of physicians are convinced that children having established levels of high self-confidence are generally more successful and get less anxiety and health conditions as grown ups.

Everybody likes to feel great about themselves. And when a young one successfully makes whatever design he or she has in mind, there's a great feeling of accomplishment within. From idea to physical product, your little one gets a wonderful feeling about herself when she is able to create with her toy blocks exactly what she wanted.

Playing with toy building blocks helps our children in five developmental areas, and improves their mental, social, psychological and physical skills. As parents, we do have good reasons as to why buying building blocks for our kids is well worth it. No matter what the age of your kids, there's a toy building blocks set that is appropriate for their age level - the simple blocks of different colors and shapes for babies and toddlers, and the more complex building kits for the older kids.

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