Thursday, February 14, 2019

Which Playhouse is a Good Gift For Girls?

A playhouse is a good gift for a toddler girl or an older child. Whether played indoors or outdoors, a playhouse will encourage your child to play using her imagination. It would be fun for her to have a secret hideout she can retreat to together with or not with her friends.

You could build a playhouse from scratch, but if you're pressed for time then there are a big selection of playhouses available to shop for. Here are some things to consider when choosing a playhouse for your girls.


The playhouse that you can buy depend on how much money you have available to spend. It would be good also to think about the number of years that you want the playhouse to be useful, and spend accordingly. There are plenty of budget playhouses on the market, but do not sacrifice quality for savings.


Be sure that the playhouse you choose can fit in the space where you plan to put it. Some types of playhouse can be placed indoors or in the backyard. Just be sure that there's enough space for your kids to move around freely. Preferably, know where you are going to place the playhouse before you decide to buy one. Make sure that wherever you place the playhouse, you have enough standing space around it also, so it's easy to do repairs if necessary.

If you have a small space where you girl can play in, there are small portable playhouses like princess castle tents or teepee tents that you can buy.


Concerning the design, choose a design that is best suited for your kids. If you want a playhouse for toddler girls, then you could choose a one-story simple playhouse. For older girls, you can look for a loft or double-story playhouse or virtually anything at all - the choices are unlimited. You might want to avoid certain images. which your kids might not like as they grow older.


Playhouses are typically made of wood or plastic materials. Wooden playhouses give a more aesthetic charm, but they are normally more difficult to set up compared to plastic playhouses and may be a little harder to clean. Plastic playhouses usually have snap-on pieces so it is really easy to set up. It can be easily wiped clean also when necessary. They also come in more child-appropriate bright colors.

Your choice depends on what you want the playhouse to be. If decorative and fun, a wood playhouse is suitable. If you want to focus on the fun and convenience, choose plastic playhouses.


The playhouse you pick should be durable enough, and should not have any toxic material. Be sure that the playhouse is designed to meet  the latest toy standards, and that it doesn't have sharp edges that could hurt your child.

Here are different types of playhouses that you might be interested in buying for the daughter you love.

Plastic Playhouse and Playhouse Tent

Wooden playhouse for garden or backyard

Cedar Wood Playhouse With Slide and Swing

Loft Playhouse Bed

Here are some playhouse accessories that you could also buy with the playhouse:

Customized Playhouse Wood Sign

Playhouses have been popular for a long time and they will stay for a long, long time giving lots of fun to girls of different ages. Choose a playhouse and let your child's fun begin.

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