Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beados Gems - A Nice Gift for Crafty Girls

I was surprised yesterday when my youngest daughter, who is 6 years old, told me that the Christmas gift she wants is Beados. I think she got to know about Beados from the TV commercial on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel.

Beados seems like a nice craft that can keep the kids busy for some time. It could help to develop their motor skills, creativity and imagination. And, most parents like me will love the fact that it's not messy.

What is Beados?

Beados is a craft kit recommended for kids ages 4 to 14 years old. It comes with colorful beads that fuse together by using water instead of messy glue. The kids can use their imagination to design their creations or they can use the templates.

Only one spray of water from the provided spray bottle is enough to join the beads together and make them adhere. There are only 3 simple steps in creating the designs: design, spray and then display.

Most sets come with 500-600 beads or gems, templates for creating designs, trays for display, a spray bottle, a tweezer pen and an instruction booklet.

Beados Gems Sunshine Suncatcher Activity Pack

The above image is from the Beados Gems Sunshine Suncatcher Activity pack. There are many Beados activity pack with varying themes and templates to choose from -- princess castle, fairy meadow, puppies at play, etc.

Click here to see the different Beados theme packs.

Is Beados worth buying as a gift?

Crafty girls will like making beautiful designs from these beads. There are many happy buyers on Amazon that gave Beados kits 4 to 5 stars out of 5 stars.

But there are a few negative comments from buyers, too. One said that the beads do not dry as fast. I guess that is why Beados has a Quick Dry Design Station kit, which allows the kids to dry their creations faster than just air drying them.

Another commenter said that the beads do not stick together as expected.  Well, one Q and A I read did mention that users have to wait for the Beados to completely dry so that they will stick together. Perhaps, touching or moving it before it completely dries will create the non-sticking problem.

Choosing the Beados Quick Dry Design Station may be a good idea after all. Aside from the quick dryer, it comes with templates for a butterfly, ice cream cone, fish and fire truck – and more. Bead colors in the set include red, pink, yellow, purple, orange, black and white.

It’s the perfect combination for your child to create all sorts of designs for the template and many of his own creations. If your child loves crafts, you may want to check out the Beados S2 Glitter Quick Dry Design Station, which takes regular Beados and adds the shimmering of sparkly glitter.

Beados S2 Glitter Quick Dry Design Station

Also part of the Beados collection is the Beados Exclusive Crystal Quick Dry Design Station, which includes all the storage and quick drying station of the other Beado sets. But, the beads are crystals that gleam and make more sophisticated, beautiful designs.

Since there are more positive comments about the Beados beading kits, I think it is a good buy. It will provide your children with many hours of creativity and imagination.

Now, I would just have to see which one I will buy for my little girl. If you have bought this product, let me know how your kids like them in the comments below.

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