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Barbie in Rock 'N Royals Princess Courtney and Rockstar Erika Dolls - Double the Fun with These 2-in1 Barbie Dolls

The Barbie Rock 'N Royals movie is another hit among little girls. The story is about Princess Courtney and rockstar Erika. Their worlds collided when they switched places and found themselves living the other person's life.

Girls would love to relive and re-enact the roles of the characters in this favorite Barbie movie. What's the best way to do it but with these Barbie Rock 'n Royals Courtney and Erika dolls. Check out the review of these dolls below.

Rock 'N Royals Erika Doll

This Barbie Rock 'n Royals Singing Erika doll has a princess gown that magically transforms into a rock star outfit made of an animal print skirt and rock star boots. Girls will be reminded as in the Barbie movie that anything is possible when they work together celebrating music.

This Erika doll transforms from a pop star to a princess with a push on her arms or her guitar. With the two different looks of this Erika doll, it's like having two dolls - a princess and a rockstar - in one.

Girls can have different play options for this versatile doll. First as a princess and later as a Rock Star. Would you believe that this doll sings along to musical clips during her transformations? She sings one song while transforming to a rock star and another song while transforming back to a princess.

This fun doll is perfect for younger girls and slightly older ones. Little girls may like the princess more while slightly older girls may like the rock star version more.

This Erika doll can be played with alone, or with other dolls for even more fun. There are a number of dolls in the Rock 'N Royals collection, both male and female dolls. You can buy another one or buy them all. That will surely be lots of fun.

Just like other Barbie dolls, this doll is stylish and modern. Just look at her cool clothes, boots, her beautiful blue hair, and modern makeup. She rocks in her leopard print and glittering rock star outfit. She also has a very cool, metallic guitar. The headset additionally adds to this doll one more rock star element.

Age Recommendation

Girls aged four to ten years old would love to have this doll.

The Barbie in Rock 'N Royals Erika Doll isn't cheap. There are other Barbie dolls that are cheaper. But this doll is a very fun, versatile and imaginative Barbie Doll. Girls of varying ages will have fun with it. Your child won't easily get bored with this two-in-one doll. Fashionista little girls will love the details in Erika's outfit. They could also sing along with the musical clips while the doll transforms. Overall, this doll is worth its price and will make many little girls really happy.

Rock N Royals Courtney Barbie Doll

Another doll in this Barbie Rock 'N Royals collection is the Singing Courtney Doll. Your music-loving princess would love Princess Courtney. She can quickly change from princess to rocker when the microphone is placed up by her lips. Then, she starts singing two of her favorite songs from the movie. Want her to become a princess again? Simply pull the microphone away from her and suddenly she will be a princess again.

This princess knows her style and it shows in her bright pink hair, a sparkling silver bodice, black and pink skirt. When she is in princess mode, the skirt turns into a light pink pastel floor-length dress. She also knows how to accessorize with a silver and pink necklace. And just look at her pair of beautiful silver studded high heels with decorative ankle straps. Wow!

This doll comes with a pair of silver heels, necklace, a silver tiara, microphone (attached), not removable dress and 3 AG13 batteries. The enchanted microphone allows Courtney to sing two songs from the movie. Press the button on the necklace if you want to hear shorter portions of her favorite songs in order to learn the lyrics.

There are other accessories and dolls from the Rock 'N Royals collection that are sold separately. Buy only if you want your child to expand her play with budding imagination.

If you buy this princess by day royal rocker by night doll, your daughter will surely be happy. No need to decide if you want the rocker or the princess as one doll does it all.

Ages Recommendation

This Barbie Rock 'N Royals Erika doll is perfect for girls 4 and up.

The price is not cheap but for two different characters in one (rocker and princess) doll plus the music that plays, it is a tremendous value. And your daughter will have hours of fun playing and developing her creativity and imagination.

Take note:
The outfit is not removable, so the outfit cannot be changed up or taken off. The microphone is attached so Princess Courtney is always carrying it around. The shoes are small and can easily get lost and could become a choking hazard if you have a baby crawling around.

The Rock N Royals Courtney doll is an excellent gift for any little girl who has a wide imagination and enjoys playing with Barbie. It is also a good toy for any child who loves music. Children adore listening, singing and dancing to music. Putting music into any toy gives every child motivation to get up and dance which is an awesome incentive to encourage movement.

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