Friday, October 9, 2015

Barbie Dream House and Playset Gifts for Girls

Most little girls I know like to play with dolls -- Barbie dolls. Even if they don't know that The Barbie brand of toys is manufactured by the company Mattel. 

I have 3 daughters and the two younger ones, 6 and 9 years old, like playing with their Barbie dolls together. But I know they want something else when they play with their Barbie dolls. They want a Barbie doll house. I know because every time we go to the toy store, they always take a look at that big Barbie Dream House near the isle of glamorous Barbie dolls. 

I'm still thinking if we will buy one for them. Below are a few of the top selections of the Barbie doll houses and playsets that I think the little girls will enjoy playing.

Barbie Dream House

One of the most iconic toys in the Barbie collection is the Barbie Dream House and year after year, it continues to be a bestseller. The toy is suitable for kids ages three to ten years old. My girls have their eyes on this item, too. 

The three story home has elevator accessible floors and comes with an amazing assortment of accessories for Barbie and her friends. The front doorbell works, the appliances have sounds and the oven has a light that will come on. The bedroom has a bathroom located off of it and features a toilet with flushing sounds. There’s even a doggy bed by Barbie’s large canopy bed.

Barbie dreamhouse
Barbie Dream House

Barbie Sisters Life in the Dreamhouse Camper

The Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper is a great buy along with the Dream House. This Camper can transform into a pool. There’s a grill for cooking out and plenty of accessories for enjoying life on the road. The Camper has a plenty of sleeping room with a bunk bed and a double bed. There’s a TV, blanket and more for relaxing when the travel day is done. 

Barbie Sisters Life in the Dreamhouse Camper
Barbie Sisters Life in the Dreamhouse Camper

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Pet Boutique and Doll Playset

This playset can be purchased to go along with the Dream House. This set features a fashionable Barbie doll and playset accessories. This set has a grooming area for pets, which is also included. The pets are a kitten, a terrier and a poodle. The pet bathtub and grooming tools come with the set. There are pet fashion accessories included as well. 

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Pet Boutique

The Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Grocery Store and Doll Playset

Most little girls like to pretend play that they own a grocery store. This Barbie playset is a great option to add more fun to their play time. They can set up this Barbie shop and play pretend store. It comes with large accessories that are designed to display merchandise plus a complete service and check-out feature. It includes a working conveyor belt that drops food into a grocery bag (with a simple push mechanism). Barbie can push the grocery cart to complete her food shopping.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Grocery Store

Seriously, there are plenty of Barbie doll house and playsets to choose from. There's a Barbie Shopping Mall playset, Barbie Sisters Chelsea swing playset, a Malibu Avenue Salon playset and more. Check out all the prices and other details below and see which one you think your girls will like the best.

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