10 Cheap Gifts For Girls - All Under $5

If you're on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean your kids have to be disappointed at Christmas or on their birthdays. There are great toys and gifts for kids that are very affordable and will put a big smile on a face just the same.

Here are 10 cheap but nice gift ideas for girls:

Doctor Pretend Play Sets and Free Printables for 3-Year Old Girls & Up

Little girls love to use their imagination in pretend play games.  I remember when I was small, my friends and I often play what we call in Filipino "bahay-bahayan."  It's a pretend play game where I or one of my playmates pretend to be the father, mother or daughter. We could go on with this game for an hour or two.

One of the favorite roles of girls to pretend play is that of a doctor. One girl can play the role of a doctor while her playmates or her dolls or stuffed animals are the sick patients.

Now, little girls have plenty of toys available that can increase their enjoyment of play pretend games. Just look at the available Doctor Prentend Play sets that you can buy for your little girl:

Good Learning Toys for Girls 4 to 10 Years Old

When I buy toys for my children, I consider something that they can play with and at the same time learn with.  Unlike during my childhood, there are many learning toys for kids for all age groups now. Most of these educational toys are appropriate for both girls and boys.

I'm not just talking about video games. It's interesting that these learning toys are creative and realistic. I'm glad that they can actually help my girls learn math, science and language while having fun.

In this post, I would like to share ten toys for girls (and for boys as well) recommended for different age groups. You may want to gift these to your kids and help them in their intellectual development:

Best Toys for a Baby Girl Up to 36 months

Best toys for a baby girl
It's not really that difficult to shop a toy gift for baby girls. Babies, whether boy or girl, would gladly take anything you give them so long as it makes sounds or music and they can bite on it. Yup, babies like to bite whatever it is you hand over to them. So you better keep their toys clean.

Of course, as a parent, you want something valuable for your little ones.  That means taking more time to look for toys that teach and entertain our babies. Allow me to share five toys that are great gift suggestions for baby girls.

Best Soft Toys For One-Year Old Girls

One-year old girls love soft toys because they're cute and cuddly. A soft toy is a little girl's perfect company. She can hug a soft toy at night, play with it at day time, or just talk to it when she needs some comfort  or confidence boost. Whether your girl is one year old or older, giving her a nice soft toy to play with is very much appropriate.

Here are ten of the best soft toys for one-year old girls that you can choose from:

A Personal Diary Is a Perfect Gift for a Girl

I have three daughters who are ages 8, 11 and 13 years old. If you have little girls like me, most likely you know how challenging it is to go looking for a birthday or Christmas gift that they would like.

When thinking of buying a gift, I try to look for something that my girls will appreciate time and time again and not just like it for a short while. Additionally, I would like something that lets them use their creative talents. And of course, it must be affordable.

One gift suggestion that I think is a great gift for girls is a personal diary.

Fashion Art and Craft Kits Girls Would Want for Christmas

Fashion art and craft kits for girls
Some young girls just love art and craft projects. If you have daughters like mine who like making fashion accessories like bracelets and necklaces and drawing sketches of girls, they would probably like the art and craft kits mentioned in this article.

Art and craft projects can give girls as young as 5 years old a fun and creative activity to do. They’re great for developing eye-hand coordination skills.  They can be used as a tool to help develop social skills as well when made into a family or peer group activity. They’re perfect not just to kick away boredom during rainy days.  They can liven up a girl’s birthday party or night out, too.

Check out the fashion craft kits below that you can gift her this coming season of giving: