Fashion Art and Craft Kits Girls Would Want for Christmas

Fashion art and craft kits for girls
Some young girls just love art and craft projects. If you have daughters like mine who like making fashion accessories like bracelets and necklaces and drawing sketches of girls, they would probably like the art and craft kits mentioned in this article.

Art and craft projects can give girls as young as 5 years old a fun and creative activity to do. They’re great for developing eye-hand coordination skills.  They can be used as a tool to help develop social skills as well when made into a family or peer group activity. They’re perfect not just to kick away boredom during rainy days.  They can liven up a girl’s birthday party or night out, too.

Check out the fashion craft kits below that you can gift her this coming season of giving:

Top 5 Toys for Teenage Girls

I have a daughter whose almost a teen (actually acts a bit like one already) and her interests are changing. I saw her Christmas wishlist yesterday and it included more of the fashion items i.e. Sneaker shoes, a dress and bag. I also know that she really wants to have a mobile gadget of her own.

While she has more interests in these things, I know that she still likes to spend some time to relax and play for leisure, too. Here are five toys that I think teens can still find enjoyable:

10 Cool Gift Ideas For Tween Girls (10-12 Years Old)

10 cool gift ideas for tween girls
Shopping for just the right gift, be it for birthday or Christmas, will depend basically on the age of a girl and what it is she is interested in at the moment. I have two tween daughters. One is 10 and the other is 12. It may still be too early to think about Christmas gifts, but I just want to make a potential list of cool gifts I think they might like.

Top 5 Cool Toys for Toddler Girls (2 to 3 Years Old)

My 3 girls are no longer toddlers, but I can still remember what they were like during those childhood years. Whatever my little girls see me do, they want to mimic them. This includes things like talking on the phone to pretending to cook or shop. So, any toy that let them pretend, learn and play are perfect for them. They also love to move, sing and dance. Sometimes they like active games and at other times they just want to sit down and tinker with their hands.

If you have toddler girls that you want to give toy gifts this Christmas season or on any other occasion, here are five cool toys you can buy for them.

Beados Gems - A Nice Gift for Crafty Girls

I was surprised yesterday when my youngest daughter, who is 6 years old, told me that the Christmas gift she wants is Beados. I think she got to know about Beados from the TV commercial on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel.

Beados seems like a nice craft that can keep the kids busy for some time. It could help to develop their motor skills, creativity and imagination. And, most parents like me will love the fact that it's not messy.

What is Beados?

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Christmas gift ideas for teen girls
I have a daughter who will be a teenager in about two years. Aside from her, I have teenaged nieces. I know that they are different from my young daughters in terms of likes and interests. Since Christmas is just around the corner, what are some gift items that teenage girls will surely love? Let me share 5 possible gifts that you and I can give to girls in their teenage years.

Disney Frozen Toy Characters

I've been seeing lately on Disney Channel the advertisement for the airing of the movie Frozen. My kids are still looking forward to seeing the movie, even though they have seen it more than a dozen times. That goes to show how much my kids really like this movie.

The movie Frozen, which was released in 2013, earned over a billion dollars at the box office. It was one of the highest grossing Disney films and received 2 Academy Awards. The awesome animation, fantastic soundtrack, and lovable characters are the major reasons why children everywhere adore this movie.

Not only did the children love the movie, they also love the many toy characters that flew off the shelves as soon as they arrived. The movie featured several characters including Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf, and each one of them has an equivalent toy figure or doll.